maanantai 3. joulukuuta 2012

Christmas playlist (The 3rd) by A

Hei taas! Kolmannesta luukusta löytyy minun (A) lempi joululauluja, jotka ovat vain ENGLANNIKSI! :) Paina <3, jos tulit joulutuulelle tai pidit lauluista ym. Nauttikaa!
Hello again! So the 3rd post of December is about my (A) favourite Christmas Carols in ENGLISH only! :) Press <3 if you began to dream of Chirstmas or if you liked the Carols etc. Enjoy!

1. Walking in the air (from: The Snowman)
I get goose bumps every time I hear this song!
2. Michael Bublé chirstmas album
It is just so cheerful and swinging album!
( Especially songs: Cold December night, White Christmas and Jingle Bells)

3. Shake Up Christmas Train
So catchy melody and the lyrics!

4. Chirstmas Light Coldplay
I found this Chirstmas song last year and just love it!
Love that piano melody and Coldplay

5. Happy Xmas (War is over) Céline Dion
Like this song also in finnish and I also like Céline Dion's voice (who doesn't ?)

6. Mistletoe Justin Bieber
Nice lyrics and voice :)

Mitkä englanninkieliset joululaulut kuuluu sinun jouluun?
Which Chrstmas Carols are your favourites?

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